Engage Invest Exploit

Engage Invest Exploit


EIE is a world class technology investor showcase held annually in Edinburgh, featuring highly promising companies from the life sciences, ICT and energy sectors seeking funding from seed to A round. Known for attracting companies of an impeccably high quality and offering an impressive line-up of engaging international speakers, as well as the opportunity to network with hundreds of entrepreneurs and international investors whilst have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

One of the things that makes EIE so interesting and worthwhile is the level of audience engagement and spirit of interaction that has been fostered. However, despite being a technology investor showcase, prior to the 2016 event EIE had been using a classic pen and paper solution in order to gauge audience sentiment or put questions to speakers and discussion panels. Technological solutions had been tried, but fell short of meeting the high standards imposed by Informatics Ventures, the event’s organisers.

The organisers of EIE fist came across Wi-5 during a short presentation given at International Confex 2016. Nicola Bull, Marketing Manager at Informatics Ventures explained,

“Barely 20 seconds into Wi-5’s pitch I knew the technology was just what we were looking for. As an organiser of a large scale technology investor conference we want to be able to integrate technology — and support SMEs — to add value to our delegates experience. However, asking someone to download an app, create an account or use their LinkedIn profile to log in has always represented a barrier to adoption. Wi-5 solves this perfectly by giving the functionality of a regular app, but without the annoying sign in process.”

Wi-5’s overall objective was to make EIE more engaging and valuable for the startups and investors in attendance. This was done in a variety of ways, principally by providing:

• instant feedback and voting on startup pitches
• ready access to the 60+ companies in attendance via a simple search/filter system
• facility to directly arrange meetings with other attendees using an in-built text facility supported by the SMS
• interaction with speakers and discussion panels through the submission of questions directly to moderators’ devices
• an opportunity for attendees to delivery feedback, complete surveys and competition entry forms, as well as register for upcoming EIE events

The event was a huge success and best represented by the number of engagements in relation to the schedule.

“Wi-5 is a fantastic product with first class customer service, which shows me this is a company with a very bright future as they have nailed the basics, whilst putting my needs and requirements as the customer first.

Another bonus with Wi-5 was their ability to turn my vision into reality. I am quite a demanding customer, but everything I had on my wish list for the app to do (without knowing what was possible first) the team made work. Truly innovative technology and a very responsive team behind it.

We had a fantastic response to the app on the day with considerably higher usage rates than we anticipated. We look forward to using the app at more events and continuing to develop it as we have more usage ideas. No doubt this won’t represent a problem to Wi-5 at all. You really are in safe hands with these guys!”

Nicola Bull, Marketing Manager at Informatics Ventures