BMW: PGA Championship Brochure Request

BMW: PGA Championship Brochure Request


As soon as BMW saw Wi-5, our new mobile-engagement technology, it was keen to use it as part of its proximity marketing offering at the PGA Championship at Wentworth Golf Club. Specifically, BMW wished to provide a mobile engagement solution enabling attendees to request the home delivery of model-specific brochures from the entire range of BMW cars on display.

A series of mobile-optimised data capture forms, featuring model-specific photo and video content linked to specific BMW cars on display, were simultaneously delivered from 9 x vehicles using discretely positioned Wi-5 units.

By navigating to their device’s Wi-Fi settings and connecting to a named network, e.g. #BMW i8, attendees were able to access rich multimedia content relating to the car on display and request delivery of a printed brochure for any one of 36 different models from the current lineup. All of this was possible regardless of device type and without the need for any downloads or an active Internet connection.

Captured data was delivered to BMW daily in a format compatible with its existing customer database for a seamless backend integration.

BMW was extremely pleased with the level of engagement achieved and number of leads generated, which it noted helped to attain the targets set for the activity.

Ben Robinson, of BMW UK, shared the following insight:

“We are always looking for new technologies to help us engage with visitors at BMW Events, and the Wi-5 solution isn’t something we’d seen before. Working closely with the team, our first implementation of the technology at the BMW PGA Championship 2015 returned very positive results, and played an important part in helping us achieve our targets for the event. We will definitely be looking to utilise Wi-5 moving forwards, for a number of marketing activities.”