Alvis Car Company

Alvis Car Company

It’s no secret that we love our cars here at Wi-5, but to quote The Autocar from back in August 1938, “there are cars, good cars and super cars; the Alvis falling definitively into the latter category.” As such, we were positively thrilled to be asked by The Alvis Car Company to help them best showcase their automotive works of art at the Dubai International Motor Show 2015. The show was particularly important for Alvis as it was to be the debut of the marque’s latest Continuation Series models, including its prestigious 4.3 Series. Having secured a suitably prime location within the notoriously luxurious Super Car pavilion, the Alvis stand was 250 sq m of sheer elegance, presenting four models in all their grandeur: the Vanden Plas, Bertelli, Park Wood and Lancefield.

By incorporating Wi-5’s patent-pending mobile engagement technology into each of the cars, a 625 sq m geofenced mesh network was created around the stand and its environs to enable the tens of thousands of attendees, press and buyers to access videos created exclusively for the show detailed product information and of course to request further information on each of the models, which also provided a great data capture opportunity for Alvis. Calls to action were also provided, by way of two strategically placed large format digital screens as well as digital menu boards next to each car.

The large screens also provided details of a prize giveaway. Many attendees of the Dubai Show are card carrying anglophiles, so playing on the theme of a British-brand-abroad, a travel-based competition was run to win a long weekend of classic British luxury, including a VIP tour of the Alvis factory. Competition entry was handled via Wi-5, seamlessly integrating all the content together through a suitably sophisticated bespoke interface.

The Dubai International Motor Show 2015 ran over 5 days, from 10th — 14th November. Our Wi-5 installation saw over 900 unique user interactions with over 100 requests for further information, 99% of which resulted in the capture of an email address and telephone number. Other data collected over the course of the Show highlighted the Vanden Plas as clearly being the most popular model on display, as well as a split of 94% male, 6% female visitors engaging with the stand.

A runaway success, Richard Joyce, Managing Director of Alvis, commented: “Having Wi-5 installed on the Alvis stand was like having an invisible sales team. Wi-5 increased our reach to prospective clients by over 75% compared to previous motor shows. Needless to say, we’ll definitely be deploying the system at future events and are keen to explore where else Wi-5 can be put to use.”